A Foundation of People and Places

Name: Andrew

Major: International Studies

Class: Sophomore

Home State: NH

College: University of Denver


What were your main reasons for going to college?

To learn about subjects that interest me and to get a degree that will make me employable

How much of an influence did your parents/peers/teachers have on the schools you chose to apply to?

Parents only gave me options that we could afford. Teachers and peers had little influence.

Where else did you apply?

UNH, UVM, Hofstra, Northeastern, UMiami, American

What do you see as benefits of going to college?

To get a base knowledge of a subject that can be applied to higher degrees or a job. Also, I think we learn important social skills from the university community.

What are some negatives of going to school?

Very expensive! These years of my life could be spent getting practical field experience.

Did you consider a gap year? Why or why not?

Definitely. This would have been a wonderful time to transition and consider what I want out of life. Ultimately, I chose not to because I am going to a school that allows me to study abroad for a year, so it is essentially the same thing, but I still get credit for it.

Would you change anything about your choices regarding your education?

If I could change one thing about the University of Denver, it would be the number of students. It feels a bit small at times.

How do you think you will use your education later in life?

I think the degree will be very useful in the non-profit sector of the human rights field. This is where I hope to see myself in the future. I will most likely have to get a higher degree at some point, but I think the BA is a good starting point.

Favorite band?

WHAAAAT? Impossible question! Some of my favorites include Jamie Woon, Cat Stevens, Coldplay, Wax Tailor, Thievery Corporation

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