Finding Your Personal and Academic Identities

Name: Debbie

Major: sociolology major and religious studies minor

Class: 2013

Home State: California

College: Beloit

What were your motivations for going to school?

College was the norm at my school. The question wasn’t if you were going to school but which one.

What do you see as benefits of going to college?

Having the liberal arts in practice sorts of experiences. I did DUFFY program where I worked for a semester with housing services in Beloit. I’ve done short-term service projects like school art projects and another large part of it has been going to church and having that off-campus community. There is a community here and it means something to say that I’m from here.

What are negatives of going to school?

The academic pressures can be a lot in the mix of figuring out personal identity and sometimes that can be overwhelming. With any college you can get yourself into a bubble and that can be a negative. It can make it inconvenient to be aware of other things that are happening in the community.

What are solutions to the negatives?

For personal identity: having close relationships with your advisor and having good support services like good counselors and RAs for figuring out those questions. Having an environment where people recognize that you’re not just a student, you’re a person trying to figure out who you are.

Now that you’re here at Beloit College, do you think you would change anything about your choices regarding your education?

Quick answer is no. I appreciate where I am and all the experiences that put me here. But now I’m realizing as a senior how much of an impact four years away from home has had on me. Coming to Beloit, being far away, I’m probably going back to the West Coast after graduation so I won’t see my midwestern friends again. I would have liked to be able to facilitate quality interactions with my family because sometimes Skype and phone calls aren’t enough.

Favorite band? 

Mumford and Sons