The Simplicity of Jobs and Books

Name: Julia

Major: Psychology

Class: 2015

Home State: CT

College: Mount Holyoke College

ImageWhat were your main reasons for going to college?

I’d like to have get a degree so that I have a better chance of getting a job.

How much of an influence did your parents/peers/teachers have on the schools you chose to apply to?

Very Little – I made the final decision.

Where else did you apply?

Bryn Mawr, Connecticut College, Wheaton, Wellesley, Barnard, Simmons, Ithaca, and Goucher

What do you see as benefits of going to college?

Continuing my education, meeting people from around the world, new experiences/opportunities…

What are some negatives of going to school?

Sometimes I miss my family and the workload is exhausting.

Did you consider a gap year? Why or why not?

I did for a split second, but then I decided against it because I was too excited at the prospect of starting college – I wouldn’t have been able to wait.

Now that you’re here at MHC, do you think you would change anything about your choices regarding your education?

I wish I had been clearer in my major choice from the start – now I have to cram all of my major classes into the last semesters.

How do you think you will use your education later in life?

I think that a liberal arts education will secure me with a strong worldview along with the tools I need to make a difference in the world. I hope that my education will help me get a job in which I can help others. I also believe that it will spark a desire in me to continue learning and reading.

Favorite band?

Regina Spektor